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November 2017

  • Get switched on

    We are finding an increasing number of customers are choosing electric ESSE range cookers, in particular the ESSE 990 EL and Plus 500 companion.

    Our customers stating they love the traditional ESSE design but want to just "switch on the cooker".

    We have found the most difficult decision for most purchasers is colour choice, with 20 + beautiful colours to choose from.

    We are here to help our customers as we have the full range of ESSE cast iron enamelled colour plaques in our studio.

    With just 2 x 13 Amp supply cables to plug in - installation couldn't be easier.
  • Do you know?!

    You can add an electric "companion" cooker beside an ESSE wood fired cooker, this giving the ambience and economy of wood fired and convenience of electric. Contact us now for our year end offers on ESSE electric range cookers.
  • Charnwood Arc 5 and 7

    Looking for something a little different to the main stream stove styling, then take a look at the contemporary lines of the Charnwood Arc 5 and 7.

    Available now from Wood Stove Studio.

    Charnwood Arc 5
    Charnwood Arc 5 (picture courtesy of Charnwood archive)

  • ESSE Ironheart testimonial

    We received the below picture of our customer's recently installed ESSE Ironheart with comments:
    "it keeps our country place snug and warm and so far it's behaved impeccably, we have cooked bread and various other dishes, we are very much looking forward to sampling other dishes cooked by the ESSE over the forthcoming Winter season"

    ESSE Ironheart
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please, normal trading times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
October 2017

  • ESSE W35

    We have added the new ESSE W35 to our portfolio as our 2017 live display cooker.

    Our W35 wood fired range cooker is not only a focal point, but runs our central heating system, produces the domestic hot water and of course is our cooking source.

    Visitors to Wood Stove Studio love it, it's cosy, homely and functional.
  • ESSE Ironheart Special Autumn-Winter Offers

    For the month of October we are running an extra special promo on all ESSE Ironheart WN models ordered and paid for during the month of October.

    This classic and much sought after wood fired range cooker is a customer favourite. With its glass fronted firebox door you can always enjoy a view of the fire.

    Remember ALL ESSE cookers are hand crafted to each customer order, for orders placed in October delivery is assured by year end.

    Ironheart display stove
    Customer's ESSE Ironheart with view of fire
  • Stovax Studio 1 now in stock

    Stovax Studio 1 Our September stove of the month is now in stock and available at the discounted price of 1895.00 € HT + delivery + (installation if applicable) and TVA.
  • Buzzy things!

    For maison secondaire owners visiting their properties after the summer break ensure chimneys are swept by a competent and registered sweep before lighting up.

    We have found out wasps and frelons (hornets) are attracted to nesting in chimneys and soon come to life when a fire is lit!
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please, normal trading times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
September 2017

  • Autumn beckons

    With most summer holidays now over and an Autumnal feel to the evenings it's time to ignite the fires / wood burning stoves and settle down to watching our favourite TV programmes, or just be mesmerised by the flickering flames. For those with a Wood Burning Stove evenings have never been more cosy, for those still pondering changing from an open fire to a Wood Burning Stove then contact Wood Stove Studio. For best stove offers and great service make Wood Stove Studio your supplier of choice.
  • Stove Efficiency

    Not only is a quality wood burning stove more efficient (about 80% efficiency compared 20% for an open fire); it's safer, environmentally more friendly and will save you money on fuel.
  • Stovax Studio 1 Freestanding
    Stovax Studio 1 Freestanding.
    Bench optional - price on application.
    Picture courtesy of Stovax archive.

    Stove of the Month: September 2017

    We have picked the Stovax Studio 1 as our Stove of the Month.

    This 5kW Freestanding stove with clean contemporary looks and a quoted efficiency rating of 75% makes a statement in any home, with its large unobstructed glass door the view of the fire is quite mesmerising.

    Our September 2017 offer price for this stove (one only) is 1895.00 € HT.

    A massive saving of 547.50 € HT of the manufacturer's current RRP.

    Available first week in October for delivery or collection.

    Delivery, installation (if applicable) and TVA must be added to the above HT figure.

    If you are interested then contact us here stating "September stove of the month offer".

  • Charnwood Cove 3
    Charnwood Cove 3; 12- 16kW multifuel stove.
    Optional base / stands available - price on application.
    Picture courtesy Charnwood archive.

    Charnwood Cove 3 Ex display (standard base)

    1 only - new and unused.

    Manufacturer's current RRP 2990.00 € HT.

    Offer price 2195.00 € HT.

    A beast of a stove at a snip of its full RRP.

    Contact us here stating "Cove 3 offer".

    Delivery, installation (if applicable) and TVA must be added to the above HT figure.

  • Our usual office hours

    Tuesday - Friday 10.00 am - 4.00pm.

    Showroom visits strictly by appointment only.

    Special note: Due to work commitments in September our office will not always be manned so please send us your enquiry via email and we will reply as soon as possible.
  • What's new in October?

    New "live display" will be unveiled early October.

    ESSE Ironheart seasonal offer.
August 2017

  • Twin wall modular chimneys

    July in particular for us was a very busy month for installing twin wall chimneys. Finding a practical, safe and cost effective solution to properties with no suitable masonry chimney or no existing chimney is a speciality for Wood Stove Studio. With our "in house" design capability and stocks of Selkirk twin wall product we have found the right solution for many clients.

    One client (near Cherbourg) recently awarding us the contract to install two new stoves and 3 twin wall chimneys replacing poor and unsafe existing installations.

    Selkirk twin wall chimney Selkirk twin wall chimney

    Selkirk twin wall chimneys exiting roof via bespoke lead flashing terminating with storm collar and anti-downdraft cowl
  • ESSE cookers now on 10 week lead times

    Following the summer break and big Q2 order intake ESSE range cookers are now on a 10 week lead time from date of order placement.

    All ESSE cookers are "hand crafted" to order, with 20 colour choices and several fuel options each and every ESSE range cooker is built to the customer's specific requirement, this is one reason an ESSE cooker is so sought after and cherished.

    Contact us now with your requirements
  • Prices continue to rise

    Many of our suppliers have raised product prices in the first half of this year stating that raw material, transport cost and in some cases exchange rates have made an increase necessary.

    We will always offer the stove of your choice from our extensive portfolio at the best price so contact us now with your requirement.
  • Internet rules!

    In the 10 years we have traded in France we have witnessed an ever increasing number of customers making their stove choice via our internet site (www.woodstovestudio.com) from the comfort of their own home. Less than 10% of customers now visiting our Studio showroom. With this in mind we have vastly scaled down our showroom inventory and showroom visits starting from 1st August will be strictly by appointment only.

    We will of course offer all the technical expertise required from initial enquiry to installation (where applicable).
July 2017

  • Special offers snapped up

    Our Ex display special offers have been snapped up by discerning clients, we only have the Charnwood Cove 3 and the Stovax Studio 1 freestanding stoves remaining so if one of these is of interest to you then contact us now to take advantage of these unrepeatable offers.
  • ESSE W35

    ESSE W35 (colour "shadow") supplied by Wood Stove Studio to clients in department 27 near Pont Audemer.

    Picture below showing the cooker (partially in wraps) pre installation.

    ESSE W35 - Shadow
  • Longer "lead times"

    Remember many factories will shortly be taking their summer breaks so "lead times" (delai) on product will be longer. We know from previous years after the summer break product availability and deliveries can be two or three weeks longer than on orders processed in June and early July.

    If you have a specific stove, cooker or chimney requirement then contact us now to beat the delay (delai).
  • Studio opening times

    Due to our summer workload ALL Studio visits by appointment please.
    We prefer enquiries via email where possible.
June 2017

  • Ex display stove offers

    For limited period only we are offering the following new stoves at greatly discounted prices;

    • Charnwood Cove 3 (16kW) with store stand
    • Stovax Stockton 6 (6kW)
    • Stovax Studio 1 freestanding (5kW)
    • Stovax Studio 2 freestanding (9kW)
    • ESSE Ironheart EW cook stove

    Please contact us here requesting best price on the stove(s) on which you are interested - our offer is strictly limited to one example of each stove listed and are offered on 1st come 1st served basis.

    ESSE Ironheart EW
    A great cook stove at a great price - due in stock soon
  • Elections

    By the time this edition of our News and Events goes to press the UK elections will be well underway, hopefully by month end with elections in France and the UK concluded we can all look forward to the summer months with some political certainty.
  • Busy times ahead

    July and August traditionally are two of our busiest months for installations, customers wanting their stoves installed in readiness for Autumn, yes we are talking Autumn already.

    If you are in the market for a new stove or range cooker then contact us NOW, it's never too early and with some great ex display stove offers up for grabs now is the time to bag great stoves at rock bottom prices.
  • Safety FIRST

    We continue to hear of stoves and chimneys being installed by unqualified individuals sometimes in ignorance others because the price offered was cheap. In many cases the customer is putting their home and family members' lives at risk, remember a poorly installed stove or flue could leak poisonous fumes - Carbon Monoxide (CO) - it's odourless so will not be detected by smell, in the trade it's referred to as the "silent killer". Fire is a more obvious risk often with devastating consequences.

    Here at Wood Stove Studio safety takes absolute priority, we make no compromises, we always supply (if not existing) a CO monitor / alarm, we respect the manufacturer guidelines for installations and are insured for the works we undertake. Think before you make a decision on a "cheap" offer, does the product being offered meet safety standards? Is the installer; trained, qualified and insured, are we getting value for money?

    We ONLY supply stoves and chimney systems from leading brand manufacturers, we undergo regular product training from our main suppliers, and we are insured. Our installations are carefully designed and installed to ensure our customers get a safe, efficient and value for money job. Contact us now with your enquiry - for your peace of mind and security. "Life is priceless"
  • Stovax Stockton - a customer favourite

    Pictured - Stovax Stockton 8 two door flat top traditional style wood burning stove recently supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio to clients in dept. 61 near Couterne.

    Stovax Stockton 8
May 2017

  • Snow Alert!

    Just when we thought spring had arrived with temperatures over Easter well above 20 degrees C then the end of April both sides of the channel night time frosts and snow in the daytime with temperatures in low single figures, nature has a habit of catching us all out.

    So the wood burning stoves come to the rescue yet again, don't you get caught out by the cold, its never too soon to make that stove purchase. Don't delay till the Autumn especially with great offers available NOW at Wood Stove Studio.
  • Ex-Display Discounts

    Ex Display stoves from 5kW > 16kW now up for grabs at discounted prices. After our annual stock take we always review our current display to make way for new stocks.

    Contact us now with your requirements stating "Ex display stove offers"....

    Wood Stove Studio showroom
  • Pipes and Parts

    We keep in stock; "consumable" parts for the most popular Hunter, Parkray, Stovax and ESSE Stoves, parts such as refractory bricks, rope seal kits, OEM glass, flue pipe, thermometers and Fire box accessories for the ESSE Ironheart.

    Contact us now with your requirements (please state stove make / model and serial number)
  • Seeing Double!

    Double sided stoves always make a statement, we can supply a full range of double sided stoves, styles from traditional to contemporary, flat top to canopy.

    Double sided Stovax Stockton 8 flat top stove
    Double sided Stovax Stockton 8 flat top stove, supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please, normal trading times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
April 2017

  • Only available in Black!

    No more do we have to say stoves are "only available in black" as ESSE introduce five new colours to their stove range, complimented with new stoves and a "Log Store" base "option" on selected models.

    At Wood Stove Studio we have found an increasing number of customers are choosing a log store type base for their stove as it not only elevates the stove making it more practical to refuel and store some logs but gives the stove more prominence.

    Ask us now for more details or request the 2017 ESSE Stove brochure
  • Automatic Ignition!

    It sounds like something more associated with a car than a wood burning stove, but yes this "Hot Technology" invented in the UK and available on selected ESSE stoves is a remote controlled fire lighting system. Most stove users like the tradition of manually lighting the stove, however on occasions it can be a chore so this ingenious device brings automation to fire lighting, also by preheating the stove and flue the efficiency of fire lighting is improved as the warm flue draws straight away.

    Contact us here for more info on the ESSE Autoblaze system
  • Brexit Bites

    Now article 50 has been officially triggered the Brexit process begins with politicians in both the UK and Europe starting to negotiate terms of the "divorce".

    An uneasy time for all Expats on both sides as our futures ultimately will be determined by the outcome of such negotiations, we can only hope that we are not used as pawns in the process!

    From a business perspective little should change in the next couple of years until trading relationships between the UK and the rest of Europe have been agreed, however the financial experts are predicting potentially volatile exchange rate fluctuations, this can and will impact on any purchases. At Wood Stove Studio we will continue to offer the most competitive deals on all of our products and services.

    Always look out for our monthly special offers.
  • Price rises

    As predicted ESSE have announced a 5% price rise on most of its cooker range as of 1st April 2017.

    Where we have quoted for ESSE cookers our offer remains valid as per validity of quotation for orders confirmed and paid for in full prior to April 1st. After 1st April ALL offers will be reviewed using new pricing structure.

    Hunter Stoves group also have announced price increases coming into effect from April 1st.
  • Stock Clearance

    This month's special offer is on Selkirk twin wall chimney products.

    New Selkirk twin wall chimney in 7" (178mm) diameter comprising nominal 7 metres of pipe, 2 x 30 degree elbows, Tee, wall bands, antidowndraft cowl, adaptor, and lead roof flashing.

    60% off RRP

    Offered as package for 1970.00 € TTC

    Please contact us stating "Stock Clearance offer"
  • Always In Stock

    Selkirk Chimney Parts Selkirk twin wall pipe, flexible flue liner and vitreous enamelled pipe.

    Contact us here with your enquiries, Trade and Private enquiries welcome.
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please, normal trading times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
March 2017

  • Take FIVE

    This month's special offers are on our "in stock" 5>6 kW stoves, with models ranging from the traditional design Stockton 5 and Parkray Compact 5 to the contemporary design Stovax Studio 1.

    All offers are while stocks last - contact us here stating "March 2017 Stove" offers
  • ESSE 905WN

    ESSE 905WN A customer favourite; the ESSE 905WN wood fired range cooker, this one supplied by Wood Stove Studio to clients in Brittany is the focal point of the kitchen, colour "cream".

  • ESSE Installation

    ESSE 200 XK contemporary design 8kW woodburning stove and Selkirk "satin finish" twin wall chimney supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in this prestigious newly renovated stone property near to Domfront in dept 50.

    ESSE 200 XK contemporary design 8kW woodburning stove Selkirk satin finish twin wall chimney

  • Prices set to rise

    In recent business news reports inflation and cost of raw materials are set to rise and in some cases as much as double figure percentages.

    We know many of our suppliers have absorbed recent rises in fuel and raw material costs in an effort to keep prices stable, however with double digit increases price rises are now expected.

    If you are considering a new stove or cooker purchase then our advice is not to delay that decision.

    Contact us now for our best offers on stoves and ESSE range cookers
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please, normal trading times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
February 2017

  • Cold Snap continues

    As this winter's cold snap continues with almost daily sub zero temperatures it's been a good test for everyone's heating systems.

    We have been delighted to receive emails and letters from customers who have recently had stoves and cookers supplied by Wood Stove Studio saying how happy and warm they have been with their new appliance. We always appreciate this feedback and customer referrals.

    "Thanks for doing a great job. It is working very well. I have bought a huge load of wood, which is certainly better quality than the cheap stuff I bought in England for the first night."
    ESSE 200XK user testimonial

  • ESSE Ironheart "Super Saver" offer

    ESSEFor the calendar month of February ONLY we have 4 ESSE Ironheart wood fired range cookers on special offer.

    3 of which are Ironheart EW non boiler models and one Ironheart EWB with integral (nominal 9.7 kW) boiler, suitable for domestic hot water and up to 3 radiators*.

    Our offer applies to supply and delivery only sales or supply and installation sales if applicable.

    Cookers must be paid for in full with order and delivery taken no later than 1st May 2017.

    This "Super Saver" offer is strictly limited to 4 units which are offered on first come first served basis.

    Please enquire here and include French post code and contact telephone number. We will reply to all enquiries within a 24 hour period with a formal offer subject to availability.
  • Stovax Studio 1 and Studio 2 offers

    Still in manufacturer's packaging ONE Only;

    "Stovax Studio 1" Freestanding 5kW contemporary design wood burning stove.

    Manufacturer's recommended retail price 2447.50 € HT + delivery, TVA and installation if applicable.

    Offer price 1995.00 € HT + delivery, TVA and installation if applicable.

    Stovax Studio 2"Stovax Studio 2" Freestanding 9kW contemporary design wood burning stove, currently our display model offered at 2250.00 € HT a massive 472.50 € off current manufactures list price. Delivery, TVA and installation cost (if applicable to be added).

    Bench options available at additional cost.
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please.
January 2017

  • 2017 Mandate

    With Brexit in the news on a daily basis the uncertainty of the implications for ex pats and trading partnerships between the UK and Europe are certain to be quite challenging, one can only hope the politicians negotiate the best outcome for all parties - only time will reveal.

    At Wood Stove Studio we have built a well respected brand serving both ex pats and French citizens alike, supplying quality products from leading brand manufacturers complimented with an unrivalled personal service.

    Our mandate for this coming year as we celebrate 10 years of trading is to continue to offer the best products and services possible always at competitive prices.
  • New Product Range

    Wishing to offer our customers the widest choice of quality stoves we are pleased to add "Burley" wood burning stoves to our existing stove portfolio. With some of the best efficiency (rendement) values currently on the market this exciting range of stoves complies with the most demanding technical legislation.

    We love the technology, you will love the efficiency and the "mesmeric flame pattern".

  • ESSE Ironheart continues to be a customer favourite

    The below picture illustrates an ESSE Ironheart EW and Selkirk twin wall chimney being installed by Wood Stove Studio this month in a "passive" new build all timber property in dept 14 near Caen.

    ESSE installation Jan 2017

    Via our February News and Events we will be announcing some very special but limited ESSE Ironheart offers, so make a diary note to check out our website next month
  • Studio opening times

    Office opening times: Tuesday > Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

    All studio visits by appointment please.
December 2016

  • Season's Greetings

    On behalf of the Wood Stove Studio team Julie and I wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas, good health and prosperity in the New Year.
  • Best Selling Stoves

    As has become traditional in December we review the most popular selling stoves for our company in 2016. This year we have seen a trend change in our customers' choices in favour of ESSE and Charnwood, in particular the ESSE 200 traditional style stoves and Charnwood C7 and C5 (sur bucher).

    ESSE range cookers have been our number one selling product in 2016 with an increasing number of customers choosing electric and Oil fired appliances.

    ESSE Oil range in Nightingale
    Pictured: our "live display" ESSE Oil 0-60 range cooker (colour Nightingale)
  • Twin wall solutions

    As featured in November's column we have been overwhelmed with twin wall chimney installations in particular in the second half of this year. The below picture illustrates an external Selkirk chimney connected to a Charnwood C7 stove on pedestal (sur bucher).

    Installation completed November 2016 by Wood Stove Studio for clients in department 53 near Mayenne
  • ESSE 200XK. Big stove small flue!

    The ESSE 200 XK in both traditional and contemporary styles meets customers' criteria with a big fire box, ash pan and small diameter flue. This quality 8.5 kW stove not only meets our customers' demanding requirements but with 125mm diameter flue enables us to install it connected to flexible liners in some of Normandie's slimmest chimneys.

    ESSE 200 XK
  • Stove of the Month

    To celebrate the success of the ESSE 200's being our number one stove in 2016 we are offering the ESSE 200XK Contemporary 8.5 kW stove with either brushed stainless steel pillars or black pillars as our January 2017 "stove of the month".

    With 15% of MRRP start off 2017 with not only a stylish stove but a great saving as well, contact us here stating "ESSE 200XK January offers".

    ESSE 200XK

    Slimmest Chimney
    "Papa Noel" (Father Christmas) won't get down this one now!
  • Studio opening / closure times: December 2016 - January 2017

    Our office and Studio will close at 4pm on Tuesday 20th December and will reopen 10.00 am Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

    Please note ALL visits at other times strictly by appointment please.

    Email enquiries received during closed period will be answered as soon as possible when office reopens in January.
November 2016

  • Installations

    September and October have been exceptionally busy with installations, in particular "Selkirk" Twin wall chimneys.

    Two of the below stoves supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio on a twin wall chimney will shortly feature in our case study library.

    Our "in house" design service offering a practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to each respective client's stove and chimney requirement.

    Charnwood C7 on "store stand" (sur bucher) recently supplied and installed with Selkirk twin wall chimney for clients in dept 50 near Domfront

    Charnwood C7 installation
    "Charnwood C7 sur bucher"
    Selkirk installation
    Selkirk twin wall chimney exiting roof via a bespoke lead flashing and terminating above ridge level with antidowndraft cowl and storm collar

    Stovax Stockton 6 Highline installation Stovax Stockton 6 Highline supplied and installed with Selkirk twin wall chimney for clients in Dept 53 near Mayenne

    This neat installation replacing an old stove masking the principal feature in this lovely stone cottage is sympathetic to the adjacent old bread oven, offering 6kW of heat and a complimentary focal point.
    Stovax Stockton 11 installation Stovax Stockton 11

    Stovax Stockton 11 single door wood burning stove installed October 2016 by Wood Stove Studio in this magnificent stone fireplace for clients in Dept 14 near Lisieux.
  • Stove of the month: Charnwood Cove 3

    This beast of a stove can produce 16kW of heat, its contemporary design either on standard base or "Sur Bucher" (as illustrated) will compliment any grand fireplace or will make a truly stunning statement if freestanding.

    Current RRP 3080.00 € HT.
    We have ONE only in midnight black offered at 2500.00 € HT + Delivery and Installation if applicable.

    Cove 3

  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please.
October 2016

  • ESSE range cooker sales increase month on month

    At Wood Stove Studio we are seeing interest and sales increase month on month on ESSE products with confirmed orders taken in September of Wood fired, electric and Oil cookers in almost equal numbers.

    Oil is now a serious contender with current lower fuel prices.

    Add this to automated control for central heating, cooking and heating on a traditional style range cooker couldn't be easier.

    For those with space and desire for a "companion" cooker add an ESSE Plus 2 electric cooker in your favourite colour to your wood-fired or Oil cooker.

    ESSE 990 CHQ Rayburn
    BEFORE & AFTER: ESSE 990 CHQ and Electric Plus 2 - colour "Oxford Blue" supplied and installed to clients in Department 53 near Mayenne in September 2016 replacing a not so well-loved Rayburn which in our opinion was a sitting time bomb!

    Contact us now for our best "ESSE Autumn" offers
  • Charnwood stoves now our customers' favourite!

    We have noticed a trend change when visitors come to our Studio showroom with a preference for Charnwood "C" range wood fired stoves. This top quality and stylish stove from one of our preferred suppliers is topping our sales, in particular the C5 and C7 on log stand (sur bucher).

    To celebrate this we have some fantastic Charnwood stove offers for October - contact us now stating Charnwood stove offers........
  • Twin wall chimneys

    After a relatively quiet spell early this year we have been overwhelmed with twin wall chimney enquiries and orders.

    Designing and installing twin wall chimneys is a specialist task and a speciality of Wood Stove Studio.

    With our "in house" design capability and large stocks of Selkirk twin wall product we can offer a competitive and safe solution to most chimney requirements as many satisfied customers will testify.
  • Stove of the month

    One ONLY Stovax Studio 2 freestanding (9kW) wood burning stove.

    Current RRP 2722.50 € HT
    Offer price 2250.00 € HT + delivery and TVA (+ installation if applicable). Bench options available at additional cost.

    Studio 2 freestanding on bench
    Studio 2 freestanding on bench
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please.
September 2016

  • "Summer Saver" success

    Our Summer Saver campaign once again has been a resounding success with many of the stoves in our showroom being snapped up by discerning customers, bagging a bargain and ensuring their stove is installed ready for Autumn.
  • September offers

    As Autumn approaches the evenings are notably cooler and yes it's time to light up the wood burning stoves. For those looking to have a new stove take a look at our selected September offers below.
  • Safety First

    Remember to have chimneys swept, at least twice a year even if they are infrequently used. All qualified sweeps will issue a "certificate of ramonage".

    This September we have selected two stoves of the month:

    Charnwood C7
    Charnwood C7 pictured with optional
    Store Stand
    The first is the Charnwood C7, a nice neat 7kW stove having clean lines and an excellent view of the fire thanks to its single door "picture window". This stove is offered at list price less 15% discount, plus delivery and installation if applicable.
    Stockton 8
    Stockton 8 two door flat top
    The second stove, annually a customer favourite and best seller, the Stockton 8 (two door flat top) 8kW stove is also offered at list price less 15% discount plus delivery and installation if applicable.
  • Exchange rate following Brexit

    The exchange rate Sterling > Euros has fallen post Brexit.

    For Ex pats with available funds in Euros wanting an ESSE cooker or stove this is favourable as ESSE trade in Sterling; we reflect this in our pricing at point of order.
  • Studio opening times

    All studio visits by appointment please.
August 2016

  • ESSE factory visit

    To keep up with new products and product developments the Wood Stove Studio team visited ESSE's Barnoldswick factory early in July.

    Sales Director Mark Blewitt introduced us to the all new 990 EL electric range cooker and additions to the 500 series electric cookers with new features and options, these models are now in production.

    New investment in automated plant in the factory will ensure ESSE meet peak demand for its much sought after products.

  • Stove of the month

    The Stovax "Studio1 Freestanding" is our stove of the month, one of our best selling contemporary style stoves is offered at 1900.00 € HT, a massive saving of 492.50 € HT off manufacturer's current RRP.

    We only have one left in stock which we are offering at this price on first come first served basis, (price is plus delivery and installation IF applicable).

    Contact us now for more details.

    Stovax Studio1 Freestanding installation
    "Studio1 Freestanding" 5kW contemporary style wood burning stove (bench optional at additional cost). Picture courtesy Stovax archive.
  • Prices rise

    Several of our suppliers have notified us of new price lists coming into effect, some from mid point of the year. On average prices have risen between 3% and 5%. Where we have stock at the old price we will continue to offer and sell at the lower figure.

    On ESSE cookers where we have made recent offers we will honour the quoted price (subject to exchange rate variation) for orders confirmed and paid for in full up to midnight 26th July 2016.
  • ESSE 905 WN range cooker

    ESSE 905 WN installation We are always delighted when our customers send us pictures of their stoves and cookers, this customer in department 11 (L'Aude) emailed us a picture of his recently installed ESSE 905 WN range cooker (colour cream) stating;

    "We are absolutely thrilled with the way it looks in situ"

    Editor: we think it looks great as well!
  • Studio opening times

    Due to workload ALL visits by appointment please.
July 2016

  • Brexit Vote

    The British public have voted and the costs of exiting the EU are already being felt and analysed, with roughly half of the UK in principle pleased with the outcome, the other half not so happy - no doubt there will be divisions in all sectors and only time will tell if this was a wise decision!

    As expats with an established business in France we will continue to serve our customers as before, offering a great service, quality products and competitive prices.
  • Showroom visitors

    ESSE 200XK (8.5 kW) multifuel stove
    ESSE 200XK (8.5 kW) multifuel stove supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio June 2016 to clients near Cambremer (department 14)
    Recent visitors to our St Gervais des Sablons showroom pleased with the advice given and stove chosen (ESSE 200 XK) said:

    "Sometimes it's painful spending money, today its been a real pleasure - we just can't wait to have our new stove installed....."

    New to our St Gervais des Sablons showroom display from September will be the ESSE oil fired 0 / 60 range cooker, colour "Nightingale".

    Check out next month's News and Events for our exclusive "ESSE Autumn offers".
  • Studio opening times

    Due to workload ALL visits by appointment please.
June 2016

  • As is traditional in France the "summer sales" start this month.

    At Wood Stove Studio we always offer quality products at competitive prices and run specials and promos on selected products throughout the year.

    For all orders taken during the month of June we are offering at least 15% off RRP on ALL "in stock" stoves and "Trade Terms" on Selkirk twin wall pipe and fittings.

    Contact us now to secure a great deal
  • Exchange rates are now more favourable for Ex pats, by late May £ 1 buying at least 1.30 € so now is a great time to make that stove purchase.

    No one knows what impact the outcome of the "Brexit" vote will have on future exchange rates!
  • With recent disruption to fuel supplies in France a wood fired stove or cooker must be a comfort in more ways than one, users being independent of oil and gas supplies. With your own wood supply or locally sourced logs you are assured of keeping cosy all year round.
  • As mid point of the year approaches most people will be thinking of summer holidays, for the forward thinking making that stove purchase in readiness for Autumn and Winter will be well rewarded. Traditionally we have found the summer months to be some of our busiest for sales and installations this year being no exception. Be prepared and make that purchase, we are already scheduling installations for Late July onward, don't be caught out by the onset of Winter.

    ESSE Stoves and Cookers remain our customers favourite, we deliver to ALL departments in France, with 15% off RRP on "in stock" stoves and great deals on NEW orders. Contact us now with your requirements

    ESSE Van
  • Studio opening times

    Due to workload ALL visits by appointment please.
May 2016


    ESSE W35 Our own ESSE W35 "live display" wood fired range cooker is now up for sale. Colour: Wedgewood Blue.

    This range cooker features an integral boiler (33000BTU / 9.7kW) capable of running a full central heating system of up to 8 radiators*.

    In "as new" condition, available from late June 2016 - price on application.

    As part of our distributor agreement we change our live display every 3 years so this is a rare opportunity to acquire and own a beautiful ESSE Range cooker.

    Please direct enquiries for this online only stating ESSE W35 OFFER.
  • Stove of the month

    Charnwood Island 11CT

    The Island 11CT features a soap stone cooking top discreetly hidden beneath the steel top cover. This very attractive and practical 8kW stove will not only make a statement in your home but has the facility to cook a real meal as well.

    Current RRP 2430.00 € HT. Offer price for confirmed order during May 2016 - 1948.00 € HT + delivery and installation IF applicable.

    Note ONE only available.

    Please contact us here for more information.

    Charnwood Island 11CT
    Picture courtesy of Charnwood Stoves archive
  • Studio opening times

    ALL visits by appointment please.
April 2016


    River Cottage (of TV fame) in Devon played joint host on March 23rd to showcase the product launch of new cookers and stoves from ESSE UK.

    This chef's paradise based in the heart of the Devon countryside has a long association between the two businesses and the resident chefs were excellent hosts to the selected ESSE distributors invited from the UK, Belgium and France to this prestigious event.

    The new products will gradually be introduced to the market from June this year, the participating distributors also had a sneak preview of further new innovations currently being developed by ESSE to further meet the requirements of a discerning customer base.

    The River Cottage chefs showcased their culinary skills using the ESSE wood fired Ironheart, Cat Gas and Firestone products which are a permanent feature at this venue. For the guests brave enough there was an opportunity to work alongside the chefs prior to us all enjoying an excellent evening feast in the River Cottage dining hall.

    Well done ESSE and River Cottage for an excellent event.

    ESSE @ River Cottage
  • Charnwood Country 8 and 12

    Wood Stove Studio are proud to have been awarded the contract to supply and install a Charnwood Country 8 and Country 12 wood burning stove into our client's beautifully renovated Normandie property near Livarot (dept 61) in March 2016.

    For more info and best offers on Charnwood Stoves please contact us here

    • Charnwood Country 8
    • Charnwood Country 12
  • Oil is back!

    With the recent drop in fuel prices ESSE Oil fired range cookers are once again both in favour and in demand.

    With a ten year history blending traditional styling with programmable technology this well proven product looks great in any kitchen.

    Contact us now for more information stating ESSE Oil cookers.
  • Stove Sale!

    All of our "in stock" stoves are offered with at least 15% off RRP for all orders taken and paid for during the month of April 2016.

    Note: offer is subject to stove availability and strictly applies to "in stock" stoves only.
  • Studio opening times

    Due to workload ALL visits by appointment please.
March 2016

  • Cooking Eggs

    Our ESSE Ironheart EW "promo" certainly generated plenty of interest amongst both British and French clientele proving yet again that this unique British manufactured cook stove is much sought after. We had one in our own kitchen for several years and like our many users we were delighted with it. It's robust, and if well seasoned logs are burnt it does exactly what the manufacturer claims.

    Look out for future "flash" Ironheart EW and EWB offers from Wood Stove Studio.

    Cooking Eggs
  • Stovax Installation

    Stovax Stockton still proves to be our customers' favourite traditional style stove. The below picture shows a two door Stockton 11 (11kW) wood burning stove recently installed by Wood Stove Studio in department 50 near Gavray.

    Our customer says; "the stove looks great and we thank you for being extremely professional - regards SD"

    Stockton 11
  • Quick response

    An urgent request to have a wood burning stove installed by French clients let down by a parts supplier led to a stove sale and installation within 20 hours of their initial call.

    The customer visited Wood Stove Studio's St Gervais des Sablons showroom at 5.30 pm on Thursday evening; by 3pm on Friday the installation team had removed the old stove and replaced it with a Stovax Riva F66 freestanding stove selected from the Wood Stove Studio display.

    The customer expressed he was "delighted with our service and the efficiency of the new stove"

    Stovax Riva F66
  • Studio opening times

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February 2016

  • Stoves of the Month

    Our Stoves of the month are the CHARNWOOD COVE 3 (16Kw) and the ESSE 200 XK (8.5kW).

    These two fabulous contemporary style stoves from leading brand manufacturers are offered at recommended retail price (prix recommande) less 20% discount for the month of February only.

    We have one only of each model available. Price is plus installation (if applicable), delivery and TVA.

    Stove of the Month
  • Wet Wood

    Regular readers of our News and Events column will remember our "Ask the Specialist" features where we offer advice on aspects of stove purchase and associated works.

    Our readers and indeed some customers are still encountering log sellers supplying logs much too wet to burn.

    All stove manufacturers will advise to only burn wood with a moisture content of 20% or less. Moisture content is the sap retained in the wood not just damp soaked into the wood from rain.

    As a general guide well seasoned logs would not have the bark still attached, it should be loose and easily peeled off, if you look at the end grain of the wood it should display cracking radiating from the centre - this indicates the wood is seasoned.

    Wet wood does not burn efficiently, as a consequence the stove is difficult to light and little heat is produced, the moisture then evaporates up the flue causing tarring of the liner and its inherent dangers.

    We advise you look at the wood before making your purchase and if in doubt purchase a wood moisture meter, this inexpensive device will give an indicative reading of moisture content.

    Good quality stoves burn extremely efficiently and the stove glass will remain tar free. If your stove glass is blackened or suffers from tarry deposits then it is a good indicator the wood being used is not seasoned and should NOT be used and / or the stove is not being burnt hot enough, a flue pipe thermometer will enable the user to identify the flue temperature.
  • Studio opening times

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January 2016

  • Happy New Year

    Despite the mild weather January for Wood Stove Studio has already got off to a flying start with several new stove sales secured during the first week.
  • Best Deals Extended

    We have decided to extend our "Best Deals" offer of at least 15% discount of manufacturer's RRP on all "in stock stoves" for the month of January (subject to availability).
  • Stove of the month

    Stovax Riva F66 freestanding - 8kW - colour metallic grey.
    Manufacturer's RRP including delivery 2165.00 € HT.
    Offer price (1 only) 1650.00 € HT + delivery if applicable.

    Riva F66 offer
  • ESSE Ironheart special offer

    ESSE Ironherat EW wood fired range cooker 1 only available from stock from week 4 in January. Current RRP 4760.00 € HT + delivery.
    Offer price (1st buyer secures) 3950.00 € HT + delivery and TVA.
    Contact us now stating "ESSE Ironheart special offer".

    Ironheart special offer
  • Studio opening times

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December 2015

  • Season's Wishes

    To all of our customers Julie and I wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperity in the new year.
  • 2015 Best Selling Stoves

    As another successful trading year for Wood Stove Studio draws to a close we take a look at this year's best selling stoves.

    Unsurprisingly our top three remain the same as in 2014. This year though the Stovax Studio 2 contemporary style stove taking number 1 position, very closely followed by Stovax Stockton 8 and 11 traditional style stoves. ESSE range cookers take position 3 in particular the 990 CHQ (central heating range cooker) numerically outselling the ESSE Ironheart for the first time.
  • December's Best Deals

    Why wait for January sales when on all confirmed orders placed during December* for any of our "in stock stoves" we will offer at least 15% off the respective manufacturer's RRP.

    Offers are limited to "in stock stoves" only and subject to availability.
  • Studio opening times December 2015

    ALL visits by appointment please.
    *Our office and Studio will close for Christmas from 4pm on 20th December and reopen 10am Monday 4th January 2016
  • And Finally...

    A light hearted cooking tip (or dilemma) for all of us of a certain age!

    Oh dear
November 2015

  • Autumn Top-Sellers

    ESSE 990CHQ (central heating) range cookers and ESSE Ironheart range cookers top our Autumn sales.

    ESSE Ironheart Deluxe EWXB

    ESSE Ironheart Deluxe EWXB with integral domestic hot water boiler and black enamel top recently supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in dept 87 Haute Vienne.
  • Twin Wall Chimney Installation

    Twin Wall Chimney in Limousin Twin wall chimneys offer a cost effective and practical solution where no masonry chimney exists.

    A recent installation in the Limousin offered the perfect solution to our customers barn conversion where we installed a nominal 9 metre tall Selkirk twin wall chimney linked to an ESSE Ironheart range cooker.
  • Make a Statement with the ESSE 100DD

    If you are looking for a 5kW stove with a big fire box then take a look at the ESSE 100DD, this stove makes a statement by filling a normal size fireplace, and it takes 50cm logs.

    Pictured below is an ESSE 100DD we recently installed in dept 14 Haut Normandy.

    ESSE 100DD in Haut Normandy
  • Studio opening times

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October 2015

  • Stove sales rocket in September

    September signifies the onset of Autumn and with it an increase in demand for heating products. This year we have experienced an unprecedented level of enquiries and orders spanning from the Normandie coast to southern France.

    Our customers rewardling us with cooker and stove orders because we offer sound advice, good service and competitive pricing.
  • Central heating (boiler stove) stove sales increase

    We supply boiler stoves from the following leading brand manufacturers; Broseley, Charnwood, ESSE, Hunter, Parkray, and Stovax. This range offers our clients a great choice of styles and outputs to suit all applications.

    Contact us here with your enquiry.....
  • Latest Installation - Stockton 8 HB

    Stockton 8 HB
    Stockton 8 High Output boiler stove complete with thermostat control recently supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in department 61 near Vimoutiers
  • New stoves now on display

    As soon as our new "stove stock" had been delivered, many were being dispatched to customers eager to have them installed before the onset of winter. However we have plentiful stocks available so contact us now for our best offers.
  • Stove of the month: The Charnwood Island II CT (cooking top)

    New to our display is this exciting and practical stove (based upon the successful Island II) which features a built in soap stone cooking top beneath a discreet removable steel top. Not just a stove but a cook stove that will make a statement in any home merging open plan dining and lounge.

    With winter on its way and the traditional power cuts this stove will ensure you stay cosy and can muster up a REAL meal.

    Contact us now for our best deal on this stove and others from the Charnwood range.

    Charnwood Island II CT

    Picture courtesy of Charnwood Stoves
  • Studio opening times

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September 2015

  • Studio Refurbishment

    Following several weeks of structural and cosmetic refurbishment on the Studio showroom we are restocking and will have new stoves from Charnwood, ESSE and Stovax, on display from mid September.
  • Summer!

    What a difference a day makes, from one day to the next temperatures have varied by nearly 20 degrees. One day bright sunshine and temperatures (in Normandy) in the low 30s the next day mid teens. For those who have been a little complacent in thinking about heating the cooler (and wet) days and evenings will provoke thoughts on making that stove purchase. We are here to help so contact us now with your enquiry.
  • Brittany (Bretagne)

    ESSE cookers and stoves available in "Brittany" via Wood Stove Studio.
  • French Favourites

    Sales of Stovax Studio 1 and 2 remain firm favourites for our French clientele in Normandie with Wood Stove Studio regularly supplying these products to other wood burning stove retailers in our region.
  • Stovax Stockton

    The Stockton 11 remains our best selling "traditional style" wood burning stove. Year on year this has been the customers favourite, its well built, robust, simple to operate, does what it says and is competitively priced, what more can you ask for?

    We have the Stockton range (Stockton 5 - 11) currently in stock so contact us now with your requirements. We can supply only or supply and install.

    Stockton 11 two door wood burning stove

    Stockton 11 two door wood burning stove recently supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in dept 14 near Vire.
  • Studio opening times

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August 2015

  • Summer Heat

    With Summer holidays well under way the last topic on many peoples minds will be heating for Autumn and Winter.

    However NOW is the time to give your heating plans some consideration before the cool evenings beckon and new prices come into effect.
  • Prices RISE on stoves and cookers

    Most of our suppliers have notified us of new prices which come into effect on all orders placed from 1st September (some have already come into effect as of August 1st).

    At Wood Stove Studio we try where possible to "forward order" our stocks prior to increases. All current stock is offered at pre price increase prices, however stocks are limited so contact us now with your requirements to make ensure you get the best possible deal.

    All ESSE cookers are built to order, so please order at least 6 - 8 weeks in advance of your delivery requirements.
  • August 2015 BEST Stove deals

    Charnwood Cove 3, Stovax Riva F66 and Stovax Highline 6. One of each offered at list price LESS 15% discount. Contact us now stating August offers
  • Studio opening times

    ALL visits by appointment please.
July 2015

  • Our sales in June this year reach record levels, in particular Stovax Studio 2 and bench combinations and ESSE 990 CHQ range cookers with integral central heating boiler. Both proved to be our customers preferred choice.
  • Our "Summer Sizzler" stove offers were soon spotted by eagle eyed clients who snapped up some great deals, in particular Stovax Studio 2 and View 8 offers.

    For those considering a new stove for this Autumn / Winter we still have some great offers available, contact us here with your requirements.
  • Stovax Studio 2
    Stovax Studio 2 and bench supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio to clients in dept 14 near Torigni-sur-Vire
    Stovax View 8
    Stovax View 8 and Bench supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio to clients in dept 61 near Couterne
  • Studio opening times

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June 2015

  • Our Summer Sizzler stove promotion starts on June 1st

    We have some exceptional offers on Stovax 2015 model stoves (new stock in last week)
    - a few examples below -

    Riva Studio 2 Freestanding* 9kW (black)

    RRP 2612.00 € HT
    Summer Sizzler price (1 only) 2050.00 € HT + delivery
    *bench optional at additional cost
    Riva Studio 2 Freestanding

    Riva F66 (grey metallic) 8kW

    RRP 2305.00 € HT
    Summer Sizzler price (1 only) 1860.00 € HT+ delivery
    Riva F66

    Stockton 8HB MK 2 BOILER STOVE - two door, flat top, black c/w thermostat kit, 10kW - 34000 BTU (1 only) ex display

    RRP 2029.00 € HT
    Summer Sizzler price (1 only) 1612.00 € HT + delivery
    Stockton 8

    Please send ALL enquiries via our contact form quoting "Summer Sizzler offers". Due to offers being limited to one unit of each at the quoted price we will supply on first come first served basis. Prices advertised are for supply only, delivery and installation cost to be quoted for on request, for supply only TVA must be added at 20%.
  • Now to something completely different...

    ASP8EH being installed

    ASP8EH being installed
    Wood Stove Studio are now appointed selling agents for CONDER ASP Micro Stations working in partnership with "InnovEau".

    We have had many clients ask if we can recommend a solution to replacing outdated "fosse septiques" where by law the non conforming "fosse" must be replaced.

    We have done our homework and have recently installed a CONDER ASP 8EH at our department 61 premises where prospective clients can look at the installation and discuss their requirements. We can advise on cost to supply and install and have immediate access to the regional stock of the Micro Station and associated pipework and accessories.

    This is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to replacing the outdated fosse. With minimum excavation and no sand bed filter the works can be undertaken with minimum disruption to surrounding grounds and the system conforms to NF EN 12566-3.

    For more information please contact us here quoting "CONDER Micro Station info".
  • Studio opening times

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May 2015

  • Stove Installations

    ESSE 990 WN
    ESSE 990 WN and Plus 2 (colour Classic Green) supplied by Wood Stove Studio April 2015 to clients in department 49 (near Angers).

    ESSE 700DD multifuel stove
    ESSE 700DD multifuel stove supplied by Wood Stove Studio April 2015 to clients in department 53 (near Alencon).

  • Ask the Specialist

    This is a public information announcement!

    In particular for Maison Secondaire Owners.

    Following last month's article on the tarred up chimney rain cap, we can add hornets (frelons in French) nests, Jackdaws and Owls nests in chimneys to recent problems encountered by mason secondaire owners.

    Spring and Autumn half term is a typical time for the owners of maison secondaires to open up their homes after the "closed" period and one of the first tasks is to light the fire / stove. It's then then they can discover a problem, initially considered to be that of the stove. On further investigation - surprise surprise the chimney is blocked. Whilst the owner is away the dormant chimney offers sanctuary for birds and insects, in some cases nests comprising 2 to 3 wheelbarrow loads of sticks and straw have been removed. It goes without saying this is a hazard.

    Frelons - 1 Frelons - 2 Frelons - 3

    Please have you chimney swept at LEAST once per year.

    Commonly we are told "we don't use the stove much so it's not necessary" - YES IT IS! - this advice is for your safety.

    Remember also a current and valid certificate of ramonage is normally required by the property insurer.
  • Stove Stock

    New stove stock and display stoves now in - contact us now with your requirement.
  • May Offers

    This month's special offers are on ALL Stovax Stockton stoves in stock (Stockton 5 - 6 - 8 and 11 models).
  • Studio opening times

    ALL visits by appointment please.
April 2015

  • Ask the Specialist

    Question: What does the below picture depict?

    A - the head of a Dalek.
    B - a WW2 helmet caked in mud.
    C - a tarred up and blocked chimney rain cap.

    Blocked chimney rain cap

    Answer: C - it's a blocked chimney rain cap!

    In all of our professional working life selling and installing stoves and chimneys we have never seen anything remotely resembling this.

    Cause: not having chimney swept (despite the sweep annually sending a reminder), burning unseasoned wood, and not burning fire as instructed.

    Possible consequences: chimney fire and/or Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to flue gasses not able to exit flue.

    PLEASE - all those who are using a wood burning stove, have your chimney swept at least annually, ONLY burn seasoned wood, and respect the stove manufacturers operating instructions.

    We take our responsibilities seriously and always give clear instructions to our clients on how to safely use their stove, so stove users please respect and follow this advice - it's given for your guidance and safety. Thankfully the chimney sweep's swift intervention meant this person was lucky!
  • Exchange rate

    With the Pound (GBP) reaching a 7 year high the market has seen an increase in house purchases in France and as a consequence we have seen an appreciable increase in stove sales reflecting a new confidence in the market. Our ex display stove offers were snapped up within a couple of days of our March News and Events going to press, for those who are still looking for a great deal we have some tempting NEW offers...
  • Stove offers of the month

    Charnwood Cove 3 on store stand (16kW)
    RRP 2960.00 € HT
    Offer price 2500.00 € HT. (1 only - black)

    Charnwood Cove 3
    Stovax Stockton 11 two door (11kW)
    RRP 1407.00 € HT
    Offer price 1220.00 € HT (2 only)

    Stockton 11

    New stove stocks and display stoves due in May

    Contact us here with your enquiry...
  • Studio opening times

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March 2015

  • Springtime Stove offers

    March is our annual stock take time and to pave the way for our new stove intake we have some very special ex display stove deals NOW available offered on "1st come 1st served basis"....

    Stoves: (1 only of each - all new and currently on display)

    Parkray Compact 5 (5kW) multifuel stove  ...  695.00 € HT.
    Stovax Stockton Highline 6 (6kW)  ...  1150.00 € HT.
    Stovax View 8 (8kW) wood burning  ...  1190.00 € HT.
    Charnwood Country 12 (12 kW)  ...  1460.00 € HT.

    March Stove Offers
    Stovax Stockton Highline 6 (6kW) / Parkray Compact 5 (5kW) multifuel stove

    Accessories: (surplus stock offered at low prices to clear)

    ESSE Ironheart deep fire box c/w ash pan, ESSE Ironheart boiler, ESSE Ironheart firebricks and door glass - contact us here for prices.
  • Chimney products

    BIG stocks of Selkirk Twin Wall flue pipe in 5" 6" and 7" internal diameters, comprising various straight length sections, 30 and 45 degree elbows, 90 and 135 degree Tee's, ceiling supports, chapeau's and antidowndraft cowls, wall brackets and locking bands, - contact us here with your requirements.

    Twin wall chimney design service offered.

    Selkirk Twin Wall flue pipe
  • New Stock (due in March - 1 only)

    ESSE Ironheart EW cook stove - for immediate dispatch 3950.00 € HT + Delivery.
  • Visiting Us

    All studio visits by appointment please.
February 2015

  • Euro Exchange Rates

    With Pound Sterling (GBP) - Euro exchange rates in January topping 1.34, now is a great time to make your Euro purchases.

    For ex-pat pensioners especially with GBP incomes this welcome increase means your pound will buy you more in Euros than at any time in the past 6 to 7 years, so if you are considering purchasing a new stove for example then now is the time, add this to our stove offers then you will have bagged a real bargain. Contact us here now stating February stove offers....
  • Stoves of the Month: February 2015

    If a contemporary style stove is what you are looking for then our best deal in February is the Stovax View 8 (8kW) pictured here...

    Stovax View 8
  • Stockton 11: The Customer Favourite

    For a more traditional look then our "customer's favourite" the Stockton 11 (11kW) is this month's best deal. We have Stockton 11 two door models in stock so contact us now.

    Stockton 11
  • Thermal Stores - Plumbed and Prewired

    Thermal StoresThermal Stores (pre plumbed and prewired) now available from Wood Stove Studio

    We are regularly asked if we can recommend a plumber to install a central heating system and link it to a wood fired boiler stove and/or solar panels, or indeed integrate a wood fired boiler stove into an existing oil / gas fired system. Most plumbers are happy to do the radiators but we have found many shy away from the complexity of plumbing in "Thermal stores" and "Buffer tanks".

    So we have a solution - we can offer a comprehensive range of pre plumbed and prewired tanks with capacities from 50 litres to 3000 litres, with applications to suit single source or multi source heat inputs.

    Thermal Stores are supplied pre plumbed and prewired for simple installation, cylinders are manufactured from stainless steel, where appropriate have integrated safety devices, are CE marked and have a 10 year guarantee. To install just connect flow and return plumbing connections and wire in to boiler / programmer junction box and it's job done - a simple and cost effective solution which can be safely undertaken with basic skills.

    Contact us here for more detail and prices stating Thermal Stores and Buffer Tanks....
  • Visiting Us

    All studio visits by appointment please.
  • Stove pictures this month are courtesy of Stovax Ltd archive.
January 2015

  • Charnwood Stove Deals for January

    Our best deals in January are on Charnwood stoves, including Cove 2 and Cove 3 and Country 8 and Country 12. If you want "BIG" heat these top quality and stylish stoves will deliver with outputs from 8 - 16 kW.

    Contact us now stating "Charnwood stove offers".........

    Charnwood stove offers Charnwood stove offers
  • Connexion Newspaper

    We are pleased to continue to feature in the Connexion Newspaper in 2015. We have many clients all over France who have found us via this medium. We are avid readers of this paper; it keeps us in touch with all the latest news and the directory pages are invaluable.

    See our January 2015 feature Find the perfect stove to warm your home on Directory page 30, or click on link on right hand side.
  • Testimonial of the month

    Installing stoves particularly in winter months is demanding. With limited daylight hours, poor travel conditions and roof work it's always a challenge and the appreciation from our customers is always welcome; the following email from another happy customer was much appreciated following us working in high wind and driving rain throughout a recent installation.
    "Many thanks for fitting the stove yesterday, your service was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others. The stove worked well last night and there were still red embers this morning and virtually clear glass."

  • Visiting Us?

    All studio visits by appointment please.
December 2014

  • www.essefrance.com

    ESSE Range Cookers continue to be a customer favourite in France, in particular the ESSE Ironheart cook stove.

    As European partners of ESSE UK we have seen real growth in interest and sales throughout France this year. In support of this we now have a dedicated ESSE tab on our web site where potential customers can access pictures, case studies and technical data on the ESSE portfolio of products.

    Look out in 2015 for special offers and promotions - most will be posted on our News and Events column and further supported in a series of press releases.
  • Top Three Stoves 2014

    Our customers' top three stove choices in 2014 were:

    • No.1 - Stovax -Stockton range of traditional style wood burning stoves

      No.1 - Stovax -Stockton range of traditional style wood burning stoves

    • No.2 - ESSE Ironheart wood burning cook stove

      No.2 - ESSE Ironheart wood burning cook stove

    • No.3 - Stovax Studio 2 contemporary style wood burning stove

      No.3 - Stovax Studio 2 contemporary style wood burning stove
  • Safety First

    At Wood Stove Studio safety is always our priority.

    Amongst other considerations when supplying and installing a stove we offer a stove security kit comprising CO (carbon monoxide detector/alarm and flue pipe thermometer) + smoke alarm if none fitted in the property.

    In March 2015 it becomes LAW in France to have smoke alarm(s) in every property and to be compliant with regulations a CO alarm if there is any fossil fuelled appliance operating.
  • Seasons Greetings

    Julie and I wish all of our customers an enjoyable festive season and prosperity in the new year.
  • Studio opening times

    ALL visits by appointment please.
November 2014

  • Winter Stove Sale

    Our Summer Saver campaign proved so popular with our clients that for a limited period we are having a "Winter Saver Sale" of in-stock stoves. All are offered at discounted prices off respective manufacturers' RRP's.
  • Best deals

     Parkray Compact 5 (5kW) multifuel stove
    RRP 956.00* € HT  -  Winter Saver price 720.00 € HT

     Stovax View 8 (8kW) wood burning stove
    RRP 1465.00* € HT  -  Winter Saver price 1150.00 € HT

     Stovax Riva Vision Medium (9kW) wood burning stove
    RRP 1822.50* € HT  -  Winter Saver price 1240.00 € HT

     Charnwood Country 12 (12kW) wood burning stove
    RRP 1865.00* € HT  -  Winter Saver price 1499.00 € HT

     Charnwood Cove 3 - with Store stand (16kW)
    RRP 2265.00* € HT  -  Winter Saver price 1940.00 € HT

    With prices as good as these why look at internet sites!

    All stoves offered are new and have CE conformity documentation.

    The Stovax and Charnwood stoves are eligible for Credit d'Impot (rules apply).

    *RRP indicated includes actual cost of delivery from factory to France.

    Note: only one of each stove is available at offer price - all offers are on 1st come 1st served basis. Delivery charges apply.
  • Best ESSE Deals in France

    For the best ESSE stove and Range Cooker deals in France, contact Wood Stove Studio here... please state "ESSE Winter promotions".

    ESSE Plus 1 Wood Fired Range Cooker
    ESSE Plus 1 Wood Fired Range Cooker in white. Picture courtesy ESSE UK archive
  • ESSE Stoves delivered anywhere in France

    At Wood Stove Studio we can supply any ESSE wood burning stove or Range Cooker from the ESSE portfolio. With competitive pricing, regular promotions and our own "tracked" delivery service we can supply the ESSE of your choice and colour to any department in France. Contact us now with your requirement
  • New Stove Range

    BROSELEY stoves available now from Wood Stove Studio - more info to follow.
  • Charnwood Island 3 Boiler Stove

    Charnwood Island 3 Boiler Stove
    picture courtesy Charnwood archive

    We have recently supplied a Charnwood Island 3 boiler stove to clients in department 50. Contact us here for the best Charnwood stove deals in France...
  • Recent Installation

    ESSE 905 WN wood fired range cooker (colour "classic green") recently supplied to clients in department 50.

    ESSE 905 WN wood fired range cooker
  • Testimonial of the month

    Having recently supplied a Stovax Studio 2 Duplex stove to a French Retail Stove Shop where a client had been let down by the original supplier we received the following thanks on behalf of the new supplier and customer. M.S writes:

    "Nous vous remercions pour notre client ainsi que votre professionnalisme et votre rapidite' de votre travail"
October 2014

  • Take Two

    European Partners of ESSE UK, Nigel and Julie Campen of Wood Stove Studio France were captured on camera with sales Director Mark Blewitt of ESSE in October 2014 whilst viewing the final assembly of a 905 range cooker in the Lancashire factory.

    ESSE visit 2014Wood Stove Studio directors Nigel and Julie stated in a news release the importance of maintaining a close working relationship with our trading partners at ESSE. Our visits to the Barnoldswick factory ensure we keep fully updated with product developments and new products, such as the 990 CHQ range cooker and an exciting new colour range which will open up more sales opportunities for Wood Stove Studio in France.

    We use an ESSE range cooker in our own home as well as having ESSE products on display in our St. Gervais des Sablons showroom, with this first hand experience we are well qualified to offer our customers sound advise on choosing a stove or range cooker, over the years we have supplied and installed many ESSE products throughout France. We arrange our own shipments which are tracked so our customers know at any time what's happening with their stove or cooker this assures peace of mind as many of our customers are in distant departments of France. For more information on the ESSE product range contact Wood Stove Studio on 02 33 12 57 26 or email us here.
  • We're ESSE Certified

    ESSE certificate ESSE certificate

    ESSE training certificates confirm we have participated in the latest training programme, this endorsement assures we can advise upon the ESSE product range and the information we impart is current.

  • Take Three

    Clients in Touquettes (department 61) have just had their third Stovax stove supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio.

    So pleased were Phil and Lynn with their Stovax Riva Plus Grand supplied in 2011 that they have now had a Stockton 6 Highline and Stockton Midline stove installed by Wood Stove Studio. The two Stockton's being connected to Selkirk twin wall chimneys.

    Stockton 5 Midline
  • Winter Saver Sale

    Winter saver sale starts 1st November - see next month's News and Events for best Winter deals.
  • Studio Opening Times

    Due to Winter workload all visits to showroom by appointment ONLY please.
September 2014

  • Autumn Onset

    Having taken a well deserved summer break the cool (cold even) evenings signal the onset of autumn. Levels of new stove enquiries mirror this change with enquirers expressing the urgency of needing some heating.
  • Beat the Manufacturers' Price Increases

    Our principal suppliers have all now issued new price lists (which is traditional at this time of year), in the main price rises are only a few per cent, however we still have a limited number of "in stock" stoves at pre-increase prices - so contact us NOW for best deals while stocks last.
  • ESSE Stoves are Custom-Built

    The ESSE Ironheart (as depicted in last month's news and events) remains a customer favourite, remember though all ESSE range cookers are hand built to order so if you are considering the purchase of any ESSE then you need to allow time for it to be built and shipped to France.. contact us here with your requirements.
  • Ask the Specialist

    Don't forget have all chimneys swept before the onset of Autumn even if the stove has not been in use, and remember some insurers may insist on proof of this by means of valid "certificate of ramonage". We can recommend qualified sweeps in Normandie if required.
  • Studio Opening Times

    Studio opening times Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm appointments ONLY please, & weekends by appointment only.
August 2014

  • Display Stove Deals

    With exchange rates in July approaching a 5 year high for GBP - Euro it's a great time for "maison secondaire" owners and Ex pats living in France receiving pensions etc in Sterling to take advantage of current rates to fund Euro purchases. We still have some Ex display stoves available at unbeatable prices so take advantage NOW and make great savings on a NEW wood burning stove. Contact us here stating "display stove deals"
  • ESSE Ironheart

    Ironheart EWX Deluxe The ESSE Ironheart wood fired range cooker remains a customer favourite. This Ironheart EWX Deluxe with black enamel top was supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in July 2014 to clients in dept 50 near Heusse.
  • Stove Security Package

    In a recent News article it was reported more people now die in homes from CO (Carbon Monoxide) poisoning than from house fires.

    Homes with heating sources fuelled by Gas, Oil, and solid fuels such as Wood should have a CO alarm as well as smoke alarm installed, indeed in most places now this is law.

    At Wood Stove Studio customer safety is a priority and we supply a CO alarm to all installations as part of the "stove security package".

    For more info on our "stove security package" contact us here...

    Stove security package CO alarm
  • Studio Opening Times

    Studio opening times Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm appointments ONLY please, & weekends by appointment only.
July 2014

  • Ex-Display Offers

    Customers were on the ball and took advantage of BIG price savings off our Ex-display stoves as advertised in last month's news and events.

    We have a few stoves still available offered on 1st come 1st served basis so contact us NOW stating "display offers"
  • Beautifully proportioned!

    When Chris and Jean visited our showroom they were immediately attracted to our display "Stovax Studio 2" to fit into their very wide open fireplace. They demanded a stove that was both efficient and gave a great view of the fire. The Studio 2 fitted the bill and fireplace perfectly. Once installed and fired up they were delighted reporting the stove is "beautifully proportioned" in our fireplace - we agree.

    Stovax Studio 2

    "Stovax Studio 2" supplied and installed June 2014 department 14 - Pont d'Ouilly.

  • Studio Opening Times

    Studio opening times Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm appointments ONLY please, & weekends by appointment only.
June 2014

  • Ex-display stoves on offer

    Annually we change many of our display stoves and these are offered for sale at low prices representing great savings off RRP.

    We currently have Stovax Stockton 5 -6 -8 and 11 models on offer along with 1 only Charnwood Country 8 and Country 12 and 1 only Stovax Riva Vision Medium.

    Example: Offer price for the Riva Vision Medium 1140.00 € HT (RRP including delivery 1645.12 € HT).

    All offers are limited to current display stock and are available on "first come first served basis" so contact us here with your requirement...
  • Charnwood Gunmetal "Cove 2"

    Charnwood Gunmetal Cove 2One of our recent installations (pictured, department 61) near Vimoutiers features a new style Charnwood "Cove 2" stove on pedestal stand - colour "gunmetal".

    Charnwood Cove 2 and Cove 3 now on display in our St Gervais des Sablons showroom with stocks available for immediate delivery.
  • ESSE Portfolio Revisions

    ESSE have recently announced a revised product portfolio, some models now discontinued and new models added such as the 990 CHQ wood fired central heating cooker. For more details and availability contact us here stating "best ESSE deals".
  • Ask the specialist

    Q. Can we / do we install stoves not supplied by us?

    A. We can and we do offer an installation-only service, but only on new stoves. Safety and compliance to regulation prevent us from installing used appliances.
  • Studio Opening Times

    Studio opening times Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm appointments ONLY please, & weekends by appointment only.
May 2014

  • April showers

    From early April to Easter most of us enjoyed some welcome spring sunshine enabling the keen gardeners to get the lawns in shape and plant this season's seeds, however the evenings remained cold with the month ending wet and quite chilly so evenings in front of "the fire" still beckoned after a day's work.
  • Wood Stove Studio BEST DEALS

    For those considering installing a wood burning stove we have a limited number of "Spring Saver" stove offers still available.

    Contact us here and state "Spring Saver" BEST DEALS...
  • Ask the specialist

    Did you know? A good quality wood burning stove is significantly more efficient than an open fire; roughly speaking 80% of the heat from an open fire goes up the chimney, whereas about 80% of the heat generated by a quality stove which has been correctly installed goes to the room.
  • Studio opening times Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm

    ALL visits by appointment please including weekends - contact us here.......
April 2014

  • Charnwood Stoves success

    One year ago we announced our appointment as a Charnwood Stoves approved distributor. This partnership has translated into being very successful for both companies, the "Cove" range in particular has been one of our customer favourites.

    To celebrate our success Wood Stove Studio are offering 15% off RRP on all Charnwood stoves that we currently have in stock and 10% off RRP for ALL new stove orders confirmed up to and including 30th April 2014. Contact us now with your enquiry
  • Introducing: Yeoman Stoves

    We are pleased to announce that we are adding Yeoman Stoves to our product portfolio, giving our customers even more choice. This well established leading brand manufacturer offers a range of quality traditional and modern style stoves. Contact us here for more information and introductory Yeoman Stove offers.
  • ESSE Stoves Going Strong

    ESSE 990 WN ESSE wood fired range cookers continue to be the preferred choice. We are regularly told by our customers that their research for top quality product, traditional styling and the extensive range of colour options makes ESSE the perfect choice.

    DID YOU KNOW - ESSE make oil fired, gas fired and electric cookers as well?

    We do - we sell them ALL over France and our customers love them. For best ESSE deals contact Wood Stove Studio here and state "ESSE best deals in France".

    ESSE 990 WN wood fired range cooker in "powder blue" supplied and installed April 2014 by Wood Stove Studio in department 50 - Picauville. FRANCE.

  • Testimonial of the month

    Rupert writes:

    "Dear Nigel, thanks for the excellent service you have provided from the start and with sorting the damaged part so quickly. Happy all round also was great to have stove delivered down south - saved a lot of hassle!"

    Wood Stove Studio - customer services:

    We arrange and take many deliveries every week, inevitably on occasions something gets damaged in transit, it's how we and our suppliers respond that's important. We do our best and on this occasion our customer has written to express his satisfaction with the service we and our supplier have provided - much appreciated Rupert.

Stovax Riva Studio 1 Freestanding
Stovax Riva Studio 1 freestanding - supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio March 2014 in department 14 near Caen.
March 2014

  • Easter offers

    Our spring "stove stock" is now in and as is traditional we are offering some cracking Easter deals from now until end of April on all orders placed on our "in stock" stoves. Contact us here with your enquiry.
  • Stovax Riva Studio 2 Installation

    One of our March 2014 installations (department 14) features a Stovax Riva Studio 2 stove on 1400mm bench fitted to Selkirk black powder coated twin wall chimney.

    Stovax Riva Studio 2 Installation

  • Studio opening times

    From January - April inclusive ALL visits by appointment ONLY please. Contact us here to arrange your visit by email or phone 02 33 12 57 26.
February 2014

  • Always a talking point - the weather generally influences what we can do and often how we feel, for the many thousands flooded in the UK and parts of Europe it's been a miserable time. Often it's the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure and being cosy must be high on that list.

    Close the curtains to the grey skies (or shutters in France) and your world can be transformed by enjoying the ambiance of a cosy home heated by a modern Wood Burning Stove where the constant flickering of the flames alone create a feeling of warmth. Contact us now to visit our showroom.
  • Charnwood Cove 2 and Cove 3 now on display in our St Gervais des Sablons showroom.

    Charnwood Cove 2

    Charnwood Cove 3

    Our thanks to Charnwood for archive picture of COVE 3
  • NEW STOVE range coming soon!

    At Wood Stove Studio we wish to offer our customers the best products and greatest choice but without compromise. Our product portfolio is carefully selected and offers about 400 stove choices from traditional to contemporary. This means we have a stove to suit most tastes and complement most homes.

    Coming soon we will be adding another leading brand to further compliment our extensive range - check out next month's News and Events for more information and introductory offers........
  • Consumer Confidence, as we reported in our October 2013 news and events consumer confidence thankfully seems to have returned as has been reported in the wider press, our order intake for 2014 has been very encouraging.
  • Studio opening times - from January to April ALL visits by appointment ONLY please. Contact us online or phone 02 33 12 57 26 to arrange your visit.
January 2014

  • The weather over the festive period has been unseasonably warm despite the pre and post Christmas storms, and for those clients where the electricity supply was off as a result of the storms their wood burning stove ensured they kept cosy and we are told the "odd spud" was cooked inside as well!
  • Our November "Blitz Weekend" proved to be a resounding success where the late shoppers bagged a bargain and we squeezed in a couple of last minute installations to ensure our customers benefitted from their new stove in good time for the Christmas period, and as both customer testimonials will verify our efforts were much appreciated.
  • "The fire is performing very well - more heat from less wood and NO smoke - Thanks for a job well done". David and Pat.
    Stovax Huntingdon 35 - (7kW) stove supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in dept. 61 - December 2013 (Pictured)

    "Hi Guys, Many thanks for last week's fantastic effort.......

    Getting the hang of the fire, the room no longer has that cold raw feeling when you go in first thing in the morning. I suspect this is as much to do with the insulated plate as the fire itself".

    Regards Alan.
    Parkray Derwent (5kW) stove supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in dept. 61 - December 2013.
        Stovax Huntingdon 35
    Stovax Huntingdon 35 - (7kW) stove supplied and installed by Wood Stove Studio in dept. 61 - December 2013
  • Take note: TVA in France in 2014 on installations is now 10% and on supply only 20%.

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